Dashify - Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Template


Dashify - Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Template
Dashify is a modern and unique admin dashboard template that is built on the latest jQuery and Bootstrap framework, suitable for most web developers. It is designed to be fully compatible with all major web browsers and devices. The template comes with a variety of pre-built pages and reusable web components that can be used to create amazing web applications. The design of this template is unique, featuring an uncommon layout and dashed border style. Additionally, it comes with both light and dark themes, and supports RTL direction content.

This template comes with clear directory structure, making you easy to understand and adapt to start your project. Customization is made fun with this template, as all styling codes are written in SCSS, allowing you to easily customize the design style. The template also uses Nunjucks to generate HTML pages dynamically, with Nunjucks features like function, modulation, and inheritance make generating HTML pages more flexible and extendable. The template also comes with Gulp scripts as a build tool for organizing, compiling, and bundling all codes and assets, making your development process more efficient and painless.


Dashify - Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Template

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