Lazyline – Innovative Lazy-Load & LQIP WordPress Plugin


Lazyline – Innovative Lazy-Load & LQIP WordPress Plugin
Lazyline is a lightweight and flexible WordPress Plugin that speeds up your website by deferring the loading of your below-the-fold images, videos, and iframes to when they will enter the viewport. It’s written in plain “vanilla” JavaScript, it leverages the IntersectionObserver API, supports responsive images, optimizes your website for slower connections, and can enable native lazy loading.

Lazyline provides a powerful placeholder generator for your images. It allows you to create low-quality placeholders and display them instead of full-size images during website loading. The Lazyline Admin Dashboard allows you to dynamically track the generation process of LQIP.


Stop being punished by search engines because of bad coded and legacy plugins. Lazyline is using native WordPress functionality, vanilla JS and follows the modern coding standards.

Lazyline doesn’t hide images/assets from search engines. No matter what markup pattern you use. Search engines don’t scroll/interact with your website. Lazyline detects whether or not the user agent is capable to scroll. If not, they reveal all images instantly.

Lazyline – Innovative Lazy-Load & LQIP WordPress Plugin

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