Veera – Multipurpose eCommerce Sketch Templates


Veera Sketch Template is design which is ideal for E-Commerce. The design is very elegant and modern, and also very easy to customize,Multi-purpose e-commerce sketch template, great looking and simple in use. All pages, screens, popups and states are in one file. Template is divided on pages and almost every page is divided on art boards, which contain different states or versions of the page.

v1.1.4 Veera – 多用途电子商务网站 Sketch 模板
Veera – 多用途电子商务网站 Sketch 模板 Veera Sketch Template是电子商务的理想选择,设计非常优雅和现代,也很容易定制,多功能电子商 […] 更新日期:2020/10/20 阅读:609 阅读全文

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